How to stay safe when sharing
home during a pandemic?

The Household Health Service helps flatmates agree on healthy co-living behaviours
during times of infectious disease spread, such as pandemics.

The project

Our project focuses on infection prevention in home environments. We decided to narrow down to shared homes, because of the unique environment of sharing not just spaces but one's health as well. We call this lens Household Health. How might we increase the collective health of shared households during pandemics?


We are Pinja Piipponen and Alessandro Paone, service design masters students at the Royal College of Art, working (from home) on our graduate project. We created this website to raise discussion and test early ideas that could be valuable for shared homes today, and in preparation for the future living. With an interest in the sector of public health, we also have had a look in the future, in which there will be more diseases spreading that don’t have a cure (yet).

Household Health

People living under the same roof have a major role to play in
not only their own health, but that of everyone living with them.
Almost like Trojan Horses, others might be the ones bringing the
disease in your home - but there are ways to live safely together during pandemics.

We are exploring what those methods might be!